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150 Balsam Street South
Timmins, ON P4N 2E2
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The history of Miron-Wilson Funeral Home, Cremation and Reception Centre dates back to 1963 when the Laporte family constructed  Laporte Funeral Home. For that time period, it was a state-of-the-art facility. It was located at 33 Elm St. S. in Timmins, Ontario and was slowly expanded over the years. The Laporte family were, in many ways, ahead of their time by building a facility that was more functional than the traditional renovated home that many funeral homes occupied then and still do today. The idea of having everything on one floor along with a large coffee lounge for gathering were some of the aspects of the facility that set them apart from other establishments.

In 1976, Jean-Paul Miron and Daniel D. Johnston, two funeral directors from Sudbury, Ontario, moved to Timmins to acquire Laporte Funeral Home. They appropriately re-named it Miron-Johnston Funeral Home and subsequentely provided a new level of service that people were not used to.  Daniel Johnston left the operation in 1980 to acquire a funeral home in Iroquois Falls.

Around that same time, Jean-Paul Miron purchased the Guenette Funeral Home, which had operated  for many decades at the corner of Algonquin Blvd. and Cedar St. In 1983, when it became clear that the facility was not as functional as the Elm St. location, it was closed.

In 1983, Michael Wilson began his funeral director apprenticeship with the firm. After 5 years with the company, he purchased the funeral home in 1988 from Jean-Paul Miron, thus inspiring a final name change to Miron-Wilson Funeral Home.

Major renovations to the Elm Street location took place shortly after the acquisition. However, within a few short years the business had expanded to the point where the building was no longer able to be functional. When further expansion was no longer an option in that area, a new location was sought out.

The property where the funeral home sits today was the former home to the A & P grocery store that burned to the ground back in the early 1980's. Upon acquiring the property, Michael and his wife Tina toured many newer funeral homes throughout the province to come up with the most functional yet elegant design possible. Construction commenced in August 1996 with the grand opening held March 10, 1997.

The funeral home is now a state-of-the-art funeral home for this time period. It's many assets include  total accessibility being on one level, a large comfortable chapel, a substantial parking lot, two reception lounges, oversized visitation rooms and public areas and our indoor monument showroom.

In January 2013, the corporate name underwent a change to modernize our establishment. The new name, Salon Funéraire Miron-Wilson Funeral Home, Cremation and Reception Centre Ltd.  is much more representative of of the type of establishment that we are. As the methods of memorializing loved ones have changed, so have we.

We are proud of the the heritage that the Laporte and Miron names have brought to our reputation. Our goal is to continue to improve both our facilities and services to the families that place their trust in us.